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Monday, November 13, 2006

Cool the globe
A fortnight after Channel 7's morning show Sunrise launched it's Cool the Globe environmental campaign, it has finally launched the campaign's official website: The website has a list of how you can contribute to "cool the globe." You may request a free "Climate Change Action Kit" that will give you:
  • "Australia's Inconvenient Truth" - this booklet provides an overview of climate change, its impact on Australia and solutions we can adopt today.
  • Handy GreenHome tips for making simple changes in your life to reduce your greenhouse pollution.
  • Act now on Climate Change, sticker.
  • Fridge Magnet with GreenHome tips.
  • A letter for you to send to your State Senator urging greater action on climate change.
  • Ways for you to become part of a growing community of Australians committed to tackling climate change.
The Cool the Globe website also provides you with the complete list of Australia's best and worst green energy providers. The best include GreenEarth Solar and GreenEarth Wind - both provided by Origin Energy (links are below) TRUEnergy, sold by TRUenergy is also highly rated - just as good as the Origin Energy products. Australia's worst providers include JackGreen energy, Energy Australia's Green Saver and Intregal energy's INpower. Here are just a few more energy products that YOU SHOULD NOT BUY:
  • ClearAir (Energy Australia)
  • Green 100 (Jackgreen Energy)
  • GreenFuture (Energy Australia)
  • Red Energy (Red Energy)
The complete list of the best and worst is below.

COURTESY: Cool the Globe

The list above is based on the following criteria:
  • How much GreenPower is in the product
  • How much support the product gives for clean, green energy
  • How good the retailer was at promoting GreenPower
  • How accurate is the information is given to customers about their products
The Green Energy at TRUenergy is sold at the following prices:

Green energy optionRenewable Energy Source

Cost (GST included)**

TRUenergy Planet Starter10% new90% old0.715 cents per kWh
TRUenergy Planet20% new80% old1.43 cents per kWh
TRUenergy Planet Plus50% new50% old2.86 cents per kWh
TRUenergy Wind Power100% Wind Energy (new)5.775 cents per kWh

The new energy above refers to renewable energy. The word "old" refers to the old fashioned conventional energy which is mainly produced by the burning of coal.

OriginEnergy rewards you for being their customer. If you remain Origin Energy's customer for a year, you receive one month's electricity FREE. Otherwise, you may choose to have a two year magazine subscription. You may choose from Marie Claire, Home Beautiful, Men's Health, Your Garden, Girlfriend, K-Zone or Better Homes and Gardens.

You may choose to take up environment friendly electricity from OriginEnergy by adding $1 or $2 a week to you're electricity bill. This depends on your meter configuration. OriginEnergy obtains its 100% renewable energy from 20% wind and 80% hydro.

Now's the time to convert to Green Energy! Please follow the links below.

OriginEnergy GreenEarthTM ELECTRICITY


Emus and Cows would like to thank the following websites/companies:
Cool the Globe

Saturday, November 04, 2006

I've been practicing the same pieces for over a year and at last my violin exam took place yesterday on November 4, 2006 at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. My examiner happened to be Valmai Coggins, who was my examiner for my previous 3rd grade violin exam. The first piece I played when I entered the studio was my list B piece, Francesco Maria Veracini's Gigue. On my report, it tells me that I rushed my semiquavers! DAMN! How could I screw them up in the exam?

The next piece I performed was Johann Sebastian Bach's Arioso and I was told I had to produce a warmer tone... which probably means improving my vibrato and placing more pressure on the bow so it's more secure on the string. Written by Gabriel Faure, my List D was Au bord d'leau, which I think in French is By The Riverside. Seconds after I finished playing List D, Valmai said "Okay, let's try an extra list with a different composer. Let's do Gossec's Tambourin." (One of my extra list pieces, the Sicilienne was also written by Faure)

Fudge, I thought. Fortunately, she cut me off before the hard part where I totally mess it up . Phew! Valmai said my extra list for satisfactory, which means it was okay.... but not excellent. After the Tamborin, I did my Technical Work. Valmai does almost every scale and arpeggio when it comes to Technical Work. I did quite well in my sight reading and I achieved 3.5 marks out of 4 in my aural tests.

The final part of my exam was the General Knowledge part, the part of the exam that I usually hate because I didn't do well in my piano exam a fortnight ago. But, it turned out to be good. The questions she asked were:

  • GIGUE: What is a gigue? A lively dance which is usually in compound time.
  • GIGUE: What period was the gigue in? Baroque
  • ARIOSO: What is an Arioso? It means song like or air like.
  • AU BORD DE L'EAU: What does Andante quasi allegretto mean? Andante means walking pace, quasi means nearly or almost and allegretto is a moderate tempo (speed)
  • AU BORD DE L'EAU: What does perdendosi mean? To die away in volume, rhythm and tone.
  • AU BORD DE L'EAU: What period was this piece in? Late romantic.
  • SLAVONIC DANCE: What period was this piece in? Romantic
The exam was over. The envelope with the results were handed to me and I left the studio. I scanned the results and I was happy to know I got an A (honours). I don't think I deserved an A, I was thinking I would be awarded C+ or B. I know I haven't been practicing enough and I did a bad job on the Gigue and the Au Bord De L'eau.

I'm still not pleased with my music results this year. I got a B in my eighth grade piano, a B in the grade five theory and my first A this year in my violin examination.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Microsoft allegedly sent a cake to Mozilla's office in Mountain View (California, USA) congratulating their release of their new Mozilla Firefox 2. Remember, you can download the browser by following the links at the bottom of this page.
Nobody likes XYZ. Everyone insults her... whether it's a person from Year 7, Year 10 or Year 12. Remember that fire door incident? Here's what was said to XYZ during the detention.

Year 10 student: You old faggot XYZ!
XYZ: Excuse me?!
Year 10 student: Why did you keep the whole class in?
XYZ: Not the whole class.
Year 10 student: Like 99.999999% of the class.

A few minutes later, a Year 12 told me to call her an Aborigine... hang on... is XYZ an Aborigine... then why does she have this weird American accent? (Go back to your own country XYZ... we don't want you in Oz!)


Here are the scripts of what happened in our lesson with XYZ on Thursday26 October, 2006 after she did a demonstration with the basketball.

Student: XYZ is f***ed up!
XYZ: Excuse me?!!! (very peeved because the whole class was laughing at XYZ)
Student: Who me?
XYZ: Yes you. (Walks over to student and yells at him with her garlic breath)

On the same day, XYZ also said something like: "I don't want to put up with your c**p" Sheesh! Watch your language there Miss!


Sign our petition.... should XYZ be fired or not? Let's hope we get enough signatures to kick her out of our school. Thankyou PetitionOnline for making this petition possible.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Mr A, is a library teacher at my school. For social sport, Mr A does Environmental Action. Mr A never turns off the computers in the school not even during the weekends! That is simply a disgrace because as this so-called "environmentalist" he should conserve energy by switching off the power. SO MUCH FOR BEING ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY!!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

On Monday XYZ was shouting at a person only just for helping another person to find the lost shoes. Also, the problem was also she shouted at the same person only for accidentally held onto a person. Once there was a drama act where there was a scene of XYZ being so mean at the Fire Door. There was also her so called attitude.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

As we all know, XYZ is a mindless ludicrous teacher. Today, most boys were on detention because we entered the males changeroom through the so-called "fire door." Instead of the detention, everyone was teasing XYZ.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Windows Live Mail was upgraded today on October 12. They added a blue streamlined look on the top of the page and added those annoying popup "tips." The new look is way better than the old one, however, its not faster.

On the same day, Google also launched its "Google Docs" which is an online word processing program just like Microsoft Word. I find Google very generous because first it launches Gmail with over 2.5 gigabytes in space, then Google Pages which is a website editing program and finally Spreadsheets and Doc. I'll be looking forward to Google's launch of Powerpoint!

There's a crazy teacher that we'll call XYZ. With an American descent, she is not smart enough to spell simple Year 4 words such as “avoid” and the list goes on. This mentally bankrupt person spells “avoid” with an extra‘d’ making it “advoid.” That is really an eye-opener because she claims to have studied in college, as they call it in America.

XYZ also expects boys to hand in an essay describing their experience on a ‘wet dream’ and girls to write about their ‘period.’ I don’t give the damn what that overweight dog says if I don’t hand in the essay. I’m sure if you’re teaching about puberty, you wouldn’t force the class to do essays about ejaculations and periods. It’s a matter of privacy, not about mindless idiots teaching total rubbish. Students, if they don’t already, should have the right to object to things that they don’t want to learn in class like what functions a cock has apart from peeing.

That’s not the end of this pissworm’s old tricks. Not only she’s got a bitchy attitude towards students (I don’t think she’s a favourite in the staffroom either) she thinks its just to be sexist and leave only the boys during the first 15 minutes of lunch when it’s a Tuesday lunch where you only get a measly 20 minutes. Mind you, girls don’t like her either.

One day in Term 2, I pointed out to my neighbour that an image in our textbook looked like a dog (pictured). Who would disagree? Unfortunately, that day, XYZ cleaned out her ear wax and she overheard (Congratulations! For the first time in your life, you’re ears are clear of wax!) And you guessed it. Outraged and boiling in anger, she yelled at the top of her lungs at me. Sheeeeeeeeesh! Isn’t that harsh! Expensive prices to pay – whisper to you’re neighbour and get her onion & sardine breaths all over you’re face.

For the sake of this argument, let’s continue. XYZ thinks its ok to stablilise the poles (that holds up the net) in volleyball by putting another pole on the base of the existing pole. I know it’s confusing so let’s take a peek at my hand-drawn diagram.

It isn’t safe to place a pole on another upright pole. As you can see in the diagram, if some fools like XYZ trips on the additional pole, they’re probably going to end up in hospital because stepping on the pole would cause the erect steel pole to topple over and hit somebody. Whether a boy or girl is hit, it’s not a good thing, unless of course, it’s XYZ.

This was the original work sheet in our books about wet dreams.

It doesn’t tell us to write on our experience on a wet dream or a period.

That imported bastard probably needs glasses. Going to university (college, as that god damned teacher says) should mean that you know how to read a textbook.

In this article, we have intentionally not revealed the full identity of the nuisance. (If you’re not intelligent enough to figure out who this crackpot it, check your diaries.)

Should you need to sue us, please think again because we didn’t start this, it was XYZ We’ll keep you posted on this stupid teacher’s wrongdoings in class. Please, if you would like to contribute, give us a buzz.

Who does this represent?